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5 amazing closet staples (that will also last for years)!

Wardrobe Essentials

I used to think closet staples were boring and I hated buying them because it wasn’t “fun”. Now my shopping philosophy has completely shifted. I noticed that all the pieces that I was donating or consigning were the spontaneous purchases I was making on things that weren’t closet staples at all. Either they were low quality and didn’t last long or they were too closely associated with a trend so I got tired of them quickly. Now I am always on the lookout for great wardrobe staples. They last forever, they can be easily mixed and matched, and having good wardrobe staples helps me wear my more unique and fun pieces because they pair great with those types of pieces.

Here are 5 pieces that are a great addition to any closet:

  1. Go to button down! As someone who didn’t wear button downs for years, I am now a total convert and wear one in some way almost every week. They are incredibly versatile. If you need some inspiration for how to wear it, check out our blog about styling button downs here. Personally, I love this blue one because it is still just as versatile but a little more fun. If you prefer white, here is a great white one.
  2. Black jumpsuit! Trust me, a black jumpsuit is the closet staple you didn’t realize you needed. They are easy to throw on, they are comfortable, and you will look amazing whether you wear it to a weekend sporting event, the grocery store, or a fun night with friends. We have some other black jumpsuits here, here and a plus size one here.
  3. Your go-to tote bag! I don’t think I need to explain how valuable a great go-to tote bag is. I reach for mine constantly. We have a classic brown one here and also a more unique style black one here and my personal favorite, a dark green one here.
  4. Comfortable trousers! For a long time, I thought their were “work” or “formal” pants and then my jeans. But now, some of the most cherished items in my closet are my trousers that I style for work, fun, casual, and more. Having great comfortable trousers is now one of my wardrobe essentials. Check out these black trousers, royal blue pants, these fabulous patterned plus size pants (these are quite possibly the most comfortable fabric I have ever felt for pants), navy flare pants, and these deceptively comfortable high waisted black pants.
  5. Midi-dress! Similar to the black jumpsuit, midi-dresses are incredibly versatile and easy to wear. We have various styles including a gorgeous patterned wrap dress, a blue and white patterned tunic style dress, a black and white flowy dress inspired by nature, a fun plus-size color blocked dress, and a convertible magenta colored plus size dress.

Anything you think we are missing here in terms of wardrobe staples? What are some of your go-to wardrobe staples?