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5 tips for layering + outfit ideas

5 tips for layering

As it gets colder, layering may become a necessity! Although there is a functional aspect to layering, it is one of my favorite ways to enhance an outfit and also to make an outfit versatile! 

  1. Pay attention to the length of the pieces
    • When layering pieces in your wardrobe pay attention to the various lengths of pieces. This can make the layering really an asset to the outfit rather than just a functional choice. For example, what is the length of your jacket vs what’s underneath, do you want your undershirt to stick out under your sweater, how do you want your skirt, tights, and boots to balance? There is absolutely no right or wrong answer to these questions, but these are all ways in which the length can impact how you layer.
  2. Focus on necklines
    • Looking at the neckline of a piece can be a great way to layer on top without feeling like its too bulky. For example, there are turtlenecks, v-necks, collared shirts and more. Play around with what types of necklines you like to combine together (or not combine) to figure out a go-to layering strategy that you feel confident in and that is functional. Once you get this down, you can also invest in certain layering pieces that fit with these preferences. 
  3. Mix different textures
    • Texture isn’t necessarily important when it comes to layering, but it is a great way to make your outfit have more dimensions and it can even make it more versatile. For example, mixing a denim jacket with a sweater brings in different textures and allows you to easily shed a layer if you go somewhere that is less cold or the sun decides to shine. Or if you wear a collared shirt with a v-neck sweater, the same applies. Not only does this strategy make the outfit versatile for fluctuating temperature, but also it keeps the look from being too bulky! 
  4. Use layering as an opportunity 
    • Layering can be an opportunity to tone down some of your bolder pieces or play around with pieces you wouldn’t normally pair together. For example, if you have a bright patterned top, by adding a classic trench coat, it makes the top more subtle. Or if you have army green button down (if you are looking for one, we have an awesome one here) that you think may look good with your pink skirt but aren’t entirely sure, throw on a white sweater above the button down, to approach the pairing in a more subdued way.
  5. Don’t forget about small layering details you can add
    • Layering doesn’t just have to be with tops, sweaters, turtlenecks and jackets! You can also play around with layering throughout an outfit; don’t forget about the accessories! You can utilize socks with a certain pair of shoes, or layer on a scarf, or add a hat. These small details may complete your outfit and may certainly help you stay warm too! 

Some outfit ideas for you:

  1. White top + gray vest + blue denim jacket + black pants
  2. Black top + blue sweater + black midi-skirt
  3. White button down + blue and black patterned sweater + wide leg pants
  4. Poncho + green top + black skirt
  5. Jumpsuit + more formal light jacket + patterned coat + beanie