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5 unexpected color combos to add into your wardrobe

There are many many days where a neutral outfit is all I need. But, I also love to experiment with color. Planning to tackle a certain color combo can sometimes make getting dressed much easier in the morning, because I have almost a goal in mind – find two items that I can pair that are these two colors. How I decide on these color combinations, who really knows. The inspiration can come from anywhere, a photo of a beautiful painted wall in Oaxaca, a scene from a movie, incredible color combos seen in nature, a delicious meal, another person, and believe it or not, even the trash on the streets of New York City. 

But, today, we are giving you 5 different unique color combinations to inspire you in creating a new outfit or pairing something new together. Let us know which one is your favorite? Or if you have any favorite unique color combinations.

Here are our ideas! Plus image inspirations below…

  1. Light Pink and Light Brown: This color combination is great because it tones down the pink a bit. It is still relatively neutral but is more interesting than pairing the pink with black or white. Personally, I prefer pairing pink with brown than black or white because it is less stark of a contrast!
  2. Maroon and Orange: These colors pair beauitfully together. Something about them is slightly reminiscent of a sunset, but it is the bolder version! Although these colors may seem like a lot together, you can blend neutral tones in with it to tone it down.
  3. Blue and Brown: Chocolate brown may not be the first color you choose to pair with royal blue, and vice versa, but something about this color combination is really beautiful to me because of the richness of the colors. It looks amazing with gold accessories and also white and even lighter shades of blue or brown are all great options to lighten it up.
  4. Green and Green: Neutral monochrome outfits are great go-tos, but also using one color palette multiple times within an outfit is just as easy and more interesting. Using two different shades of green is probably my favorite color to use for a monochrome outfit, but you can certainly do this with other colors.
  5. Red and Light Blue: This is one color combination that I just don’t see enough! I think people stray away from it because red and blue together can easily feel 4th of July, but it certainly doesn’t have to feel that way. By using light blue with red (a darker red is great too), you still get the great compliment of red with blue without feeling like you are dressed for a holiday.