How to support small businesses this holiday season (2021)? | Trove Market Blog
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How to support small businesses this holiday season (2021)?

Are you looking to support small businesses this holiday season!? Well, you are in luck! All the brands on Trove are small businesses and Trove itself is also a small business! The pandemic and the labor shortages are still affecting many small businesses during this time. Plus, there are even benefits to supporting the small brands through Trove.

By supporting the small business you can help 

  • Women business owners around the country 
  • Small makers/creators
  • A shift to sustainable and maker-forward productions
  • Independent designers making change

There are also benefits to you: 

  • Unique pieces
  • Feeling great about what you purchased 
  • Getting your products on time (nothing will be stuck overseas)
  • Items that have a great story

So what can you do this holiday season to support Trove and the independent brands we work with? 

  • Shop small businesses through Trove. Purchase from our small businesses or purchase a gift card from Trove!
  • Take time to learn about the businesses. Each brand we work with has a unique story to tell and has their own goals within the brand. You may really connect with the mission and / or identity of some of our awesome brands!