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Top tips for what to wear when scrambling to get dressed

Top tips for when you are scrambling to get dressed

We have all been there when getting dressed, just nothing seems right. Whether you are going to see an old friend, have a work event, or it’s just a regular morning of getting dressed, as silly as it may sound, it can be hard to get dressed in the morning and that is OKAY. 

Getting dressed is important because it sets you up for what you are going to do,  not only do you want to be comfortable physically and mentally in what you are wearing, but also it can go beyond that and make you feel great for what you are doing. So, here are some of my top tips for ways you can easily feel good in what you are wearing when getting dressed. 

  1. Add something meaningful to your outfit
    • My favorite thing to do in this scenario is to add a meaningful piece to my wardrobe that has a story and connection to me. Whether it is a piece of jewelry I got on a trip, a sweater that was knit by my great-grandma, or a pair of shoes that used to belong to my mom, I always find that adding something in that is tied to a person or experience that I cherish makes me feel more excited about what I am wearing. 
  2. Show off a part of your body you feel good about
    • Another trick I love is to focus on showing off some part of my body I feel great about. It doesn’t have to be so overt. Maybe I am feeling great about my legs, I can wear a dress or skirt that will show off my legs, but if say its for a work event and I don’t want to show off my bare legs, I could wear high waisted pants with a more cropped/short top in order to achieve a similar effect that is better for the setting. 
  3. Go with a tried and true outfit/staple
    • There is absolutely no shame in repeating an outfit or piece of clothing, even if you just wore it. Recently, I had trouble deciding what to wear and I wore the exact same shirt I had worn the day before. It was suitable for the weather, good for the occasion, and comfortable, so I decided to wear it again the next day! You can even wear one piece the same and match it with different things to get a completely different look while keeping the ease. 
  4. Wear something simple and add one pop
    • One other easy outfit to throw on is to wear something simple with one pop piece. This can be a white shirt and jeans but then you had a funky patterned jacket, you can wear a plain black dress but add statement jewelry, this could be black slacks and a black shirt but add a colorful pair of shoes. When I do this, I still feel excited about my outfit, but it’s so easy to throw on in a pinch.