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What makes Trove different from other shopping websites?

What makes Trove different from other shopping websites.

Are you wondering how Trove is different from other shopping websites? Trove was created to change how you shop, so here are 5 ways that Trove is different from traditional online shopping OR in person shopping. 

  1. Our site connects you with new brands that otherwise you may never know about. These are the brands that aren’t at your local boutique, aren’t at Nordstrom, and aren’t a giant retailer such as Zara. 
  2. We give you the opportunity to make the shopping experience more meaningful. 
    • We see each brand as more than a name and each item as more than just an item. That is why we feature brand profiles on our site with information about each brand. In addition, there are mission filters on the shopping pages, in which one can filter their search by certain missions and identities of the brand, such as “Women Owned”, “Immigrant Owned”, “Eco-Friendly Packaging”, etc. 
    • Each brand out there makes deliberate choices on how to produce their pieces. Some are for the good of the environment, the well-being of the makers, or to solve a certain problem. But, choosing to support other missions aside from fast and cheap, makes the price of the piece rise. So, we want you to be able to understand what is influencing the price of that piece and what makes that piece special. 
  3. We are brand friendly. We are not a wholesale store with markups for the brands. 
    • Trove is not a large e-retailer wholesaler which makes us brand friendly and eco-friendly! When you order from Trove, your order is going directly to the brand you are purchasing from on our site. Traditional retailers buy clothing in bulk which leads to markup prices and also waste of unsold products. 
  4. We WANT to directly connect with you on your needs, wants, and interests!
    • Some businesses and online retailers make it difficult and convoluted to contact them. We welcome any and all communications with those who have purchased from Trove and those who have just found us! Whether you want a tip, are looking for something specific you don’t see on the website, or have a specific way you want to gain value from Trove, send us an email (discover@trove.market) or a Direct Message. We absolutely love meeting and connecting with each and every one of you. 
  5. Not just about purchasing
    • We don’t think fashion and fashion experiences have to just be about purchasing clothing. Our mission is to be more than just a shopping website. That is why we have styling services, a blog, and an Instagram with inspiration/ideas, so that you can be involved in fashion in a way that doesn’t only involve buying new clothes.
      • I know first hand that I am not always in the mood to purchase something new, or I want a little change in my wardrobe, but I don’t necessarily need new clothing. That is why we made it possible for you to engage with us and gain value without just having to buy a piece of clothing.