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New and exciting fashion doesn’t just have to come from magazines. There are ways in which we can explore, discover, and experience fashion in our daily lives that has the potential to push us forward in what we are doing. Trove wants to minimize the days where you feel like you have nothing in your closet. Whether you are excited to wear a piece of clothing that you know was made from an innovative material or by a hardworking artisan, you want to pair a new color combination together, or you want to try out a new tip from your stylist, Trove is here to provide you with these points of inspiration and discovery within your own wardrobe.

Our Styling Services
Our styling portal has multiple real working fashion stylists that you can work with virtually to help you uplift your style. You will get a video call so you can actually meet your stylist (who else is tired of chatting bots!?) and your stylist will discuss ideas with you on your video consultation and provide you a style guide and personalized shopping cart afterwards. Don’t worry, our styling is not focused on purchasing and selling items, so you don’t even have to receive the personalized shopping cart if you don’t want it. Our stylists are stylists, not salespeople. Check out our Packages page to learn more about the different styling packages we offer depending on your needs!
Our site is divided into two sections: the Shop and the Styling section. Depending on what your needs and goals are at that time, you can explore either portal.
Our Shop
Our shop has a unique curation of independent up and coming designers based in NYC and in other parts of the country. For Trove, a brand is more than just a name. We want to share their story, their identity and all of the amazing things they are doing to create that final product. We encourage you to learn more about the brand you are purchasing from on our Brand index or by looking at / or using our “Mission” filters when shopping.

Meet Our Founder

Our founder, Davis Vergnolle, wants to push towards a world where getting dressed each day is an adventure, not a trek. By sharing and creating a network of incredible brands and stylists, individuals will get new access to clothing and styling resources that would otherwise be difficult to find. By experiencing and exploring your wardrobe with Trove, you are supporting small brands, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individual creatives. We are hoping to create a shift towards meaning in our wardrobe! Treasure your style with Trove.

Keep uncovering treasures
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